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數據所(Institute of Data Science)
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本門課程的Programming assignment較多,請同學務必考量是否適合與能負荷。

The objective of this course is to introduce the students to the fundamental techniques and algorithms used for acquiring, processing, and extracting useful information from digital images. Particular emphasis will be placed on covering methods used for image sampling and quantization, image transforms, image enhancement and restoration, image encoding, image analysis, and pattern recognition. In addition, the students will learn how to apply the methods to solve real-world problems in several areas including medical, remote sensing, surveillance, and develop the insight necessary to use the tools of digital image processing (DIP) to solve any new problem.

1Pretest: Programming skill test and fundamental of programming for DIP/CV
2fundamental for image processing
3Blurring, unsharp masking, Bilateral filter convolution
4Image Processing in Frequency domain
5Image recognition system overview
6Global Features
7Local Features: SIFT、SURF
8Image representation PCA, DCT, LDA, NMF
10Feature learning Sparse representation
11Face detection,Face detection viola&jones work
12Face verification
14High-dynamic-range image enhancement
15Image super-resolution
16Denoising and De-raining
17Invited Talk
18Final project