Course Requirements

Students should take the credits from other mathematical courses, including calculus and engineering mathematics I.

Course Policies

Students are expected to attend all exams and submit their assignments. Meanwhile, the attendance issue is considered. During the course, you will experience three tests and a final exam; all of them are closed-note and closed-book. Please note: The examined range of the final exam will cover the whole semester!! 

Finally, since we already provided you some extra-grading opportunities, there is no chance to adjust your final report (total grade). Please sincerely consider this issue.

The textbook of this course

Engineering Mathematics, Metric Ver., Dennis G. Zill, Warren S. Wright, Jian-Jiun Ding, Published by Cengage, ISBN: 978-1-986-94626-3-1

111年8月26日以後本課程上課方式/After August, 26, 2022, this course will be conducted as follows: 採數週線上、數週實體混成教學(15+3)/Some weeks online and some weeks in-person (Hybrid teaching 15+3)