1. Students are grouped into 3 groups and led accordingly by 1. Dr. Wang, 2. Dr. Teng and Dr. Hashimoto, and 3. Dr. Sun for different lectures (各組分別由第1組王憲威老師,第2組鄧景浩與橋本征昌老師,及第3組孫孝芳老師帶開,分班上課。)

2. Handouts and other course materials are given by each lecturer either by e-mail or moodle.  (各組學生依各組老師課程學習,handout及授課內容由各組老師自訂,但亦可上傳於各周單元之內容部分,唯請標註第幾組。

3. For all necessary "teacher-student" activities, including roll call, Q&A, or assignment/homework, please make sure you mark your group on those items (任何師生互動,諸凡課堂點名,或提問,或繳交作業,亦請標註組別。)