 Instructor/開課教師: Ray-Bing Chen /陳瑞彬

 Email: rbchen@ncku.edu.tw

 Phone: (06)2757575#53645

 Prerequisite/先修科目:

 Course Description/課程描述:

An introduction to linear algebra and its applications.

 Course Objectives/課程目標:

1. To matrix algebra/學習矩陣運算

2. To learn the fundamental theory of linear algebra/學習線性代數基本理論

3. To learn certain applications in statistics./學習在統計之應用

 Content Summary/課程內容:

Week 1:Systems of Linear Equations and Matrices

Week 2:Systems of Linear Equations and Matrices

Week 3:Systems of Linear Equations and Matrices

Week 4:Systems of Linear Equations and Matrices

Week 5:Determinants

Week 6:Determinants

Week 7:Euclidean Vector Spaces

Week 8:Euclidean Vector Spaces

Undergraduate Program

Week 9 : Miderterm

Week 10:General Vector Spaces

Week 11:General Vector Spaces

Week 12 : Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

Week 13:Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

Week 14:Diagonalization and Quadratic Forms

Week 15:Diagonalization and Quadratic Forms

Week 16:General Linear Transformations

Week 17:General Linear Transformations

Week 18:Final Examine

 Teaching Approach(es)/教學方法

講授 90%

討論 10%


 Textbook/教科書:

Elementary Linear Algebra, 12th ed., by Howard Anton, Chris Rorres and Anton Kaul

 Reference/參考書目:

Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 4th ed., by Gilbert Strang

 Grading Policy/評量方式:

1. Homework and Quiz (30%)

2. Midterm Examine (35%)

3. Final Examine (35%)