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快速了解Moodle功能/Quick start guide Page 一分鐘快速上手


Page Quick start guide - Moodle instruction

This guide offers useful tips to help you active course, assign assistant and upload material quickly.

Page 課程編排工具/Layout tool
行動化的Moodle/Moodle Mobile Page 行動版網頁介紹/Mobile webpage introduction
Page APP安裝/APP installation (Android version)

以step by step方式協助您安裝成大數位學習平台APP

URL Android
URL Windows
個人操作/Personal Instruction Page 修改個人資料/My profile
Page 個人訊息通知管理/Message notification management
Page 個人化首頁/My Home
Page 個人歷程檔案/My Portfolio
課程基本設定/Course Basic Setting Page 指派助教/Assign assistant
Page 加入旁聽生/Assign Auditor
Page 學生自行選課/Self enrollment
Page 允許訪客瀏覽/Guest access
Page 課程快速設定/Course quick set
Page 課程佈景/Course theme
教材建置/Upload Material Page 教材建置/Add materials
Page 嵌入多媒體資源/Embed multimedia resources
Page 上傳EverCam教材/Upload EverCam material
作業管理/Assignment Management Page 建立作業/Create assignment
Page 作業評分及回饋/Assignment grading and send feedback
Page 分組作業/Group assignment
Page 下載整批作業檔案/Download all submissions
Page 作業觀摩分享/Observe submissions
討論區管理/Forum Management Page 公佈欄/Bulletin board
Page 討論區/Forum
Page 討論區未閱讀標示/Forum unread mark
Page 匿名討論/Anonymous forum
課程相關功能/Course Related Functions Page 課程備份、還原與匯入/Course Backup, Restore and Import
Page 報表/Reports
Page 詳細課程設定/Courses detail setting
Page 課程群組/Course groups
Page 限制存取/Restrict access
Page 完成進度追蹤/Activity completed tracking
成績管理/Grade Management Page 成績(完整版)/Grade(full version)
Page 成績分佈/Grade Distribution
Page 成績匯入/Grade Import
Page 成績彙總/Grade Aggregation
Page 以等第方式表示成績教學影片(Displaying grade letters video)
File 匯入量尺的成績項目
其它課程活動/Others Activities Page 問卷調查/Questionnaire
Page 自行分組/Choice group
Page 測驗卷/Quiz
Page 建立題庫、試題/Questions Bank, Questions
Page 編序學習/Lesson
Page 工作坊(同儕互評)/Workshop(Peer grading)
Page 即時投票/E-voting
Page 點名/Attendance
常用功能區塊/Useful Blocks Page 快捷郵件/Quickmail
Page 行事曆/Calender
Page 批次處理/MassActions
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